We use the EnVision Math program, and it is published by Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley. Our biggest goals are basic facts (addition/subtraction), telling time, and counting money. Here are our skills in Math for the first grade year: 

Topic 1: Numbers to 12

Topic 2: Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Topic 3: Understanding Addition

Topic 4: Understanding Subtraction

Topic 5: Five and Ten Relationships

Topic 6: Addition Facts to 12

Topic 7: Subtraction Facts to 12

Topic 8: Geometry

Topic 9: Patterns

Topic 10: Counting and Number Patterns to 100

Topic 11: Tens and Ones

Topic 12: Comaparing and Ordering Numbers to 100

Topic 13: Counting Money

Topic 14: Measurement

Topic 15: Time

Topic 16: Addition Facts to 18

Topic 17: Subtraction Facts to 18

Topic 18: Data and Graphs

Topic 19: Fractional Parts

Topic 20: Adding and Subtracting with Tens and Ones

Any additional practice in Math will greatly help your child. Please look at our Math at a glance under the homework section or under the State of Virginia Dept. of Education SOL’s in Math for first grade for more information if you’d like to challenge your child at home.