Welcome First Graders and First Grade Parents!

The beginning of a new school year is always exciting! Your first grade student is going to amaze and impress you with what he/she will learn this year! I am looking forward to meeting you all and am looking forward to working with both students and parents to ensure that each child receives the best possible first grade education possible. Together, we can achieve anything!

Feel free to write to me anytime using my blog, or my e-mail address grichmond@bvps.org. I appreciate and encourage open communication between myself, my students, and my parents.


Mrs. Ginger Richmond

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On Blogging….

Hello and welcome to my blog. For those of you new to blogging, a blog site is similar to a web site, except that it allows for immediate feedback and interaction. “Blogging” is the term used when you read other comments and write/post your own. Please be advised that everyone can view what you write…blogging means public access! If you need to speak with me privately, please leave me a note to contact you or use my private e-mail address.

In my classroom, we may use blogging for communication, as well as for a new and innovative method of class work.  The use of computer technology in the classroom is very motivating and engaging for students. First grade students will surprise you with their ability to use this technology!

Please read my blog, website, and twitter as I will use these more eco-friendly forms of communication in lieu of paper whenever possible. Thanks for your cooperation!